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Farms and Hatchery
First, Boris B’s Farms & Hatchery Limited is a subsidiary of Boris B’s Group of Companies. The company is a Poultry Production business which have been in existence for the past 5 years producing live poultry products such as; Day Old Chick Layers and Day Old Chick Broilers, Grown Broilers and Grown Layers. The company is also involved in the production, incubation and hatching of eggs.

The company has been registered and certified under seal with registration number; CS281342017 and a Tax Identification number C0009675639 on 31st October, 2017, it was entitled to commence business on the same registration date as per the attached certificates. The company has two farm sites (Behanase Farm and Bosore Farm) which in all are capable of hosting 100,000 birds.

Boris B’s Farms & Hatchery has 200 out growers with each out growers having the capacity to host 10,000 birds. With this particular project, it is envisaged that 50 out growers would be engaged and this translates to 500,000 birds’ capacity.